Slow Living White BG

Sustainable materials.
Eco Friendly methods and production.
Recycled and organic materials.
American made.
It’s more than just a selling point for us. It’s been the driving force of our brand since day one. In a world where most fashion is often made as cheaply and quickly as possible and without a thought about the impact on the environment,we chose a different path.
We think slow is a way of living with purpose, with relevance, and with direction. Slow to choose the farms and materials we use for all our shirts. Slow to make choices to ensure our American farms are treated fairly and sourced in the most environmentally positive way. Slow in choosing our organic cotton and the Soy inks used to print on our products. Slow to find a delivery chain that leaves the smallest possible impact in our production lines. Slow, but always delivering our products quickly and finding a better way to make fashion sustainable. This isn’t greenwashing. This isn’t a public relations campaign for stock holders. This was in our DNA from day one, and it’s the bigger purposebehind everything we do.
We are dedicated to not only embracing and celebrating the places we love, but dedicated to leaving behind a better world than we found.
Join us at #TheSlowLife and share your story of taking time to enjoy life in the slow lane.